Wednesday, 25 December 2013

The Gift Of Love

Many Christmases ago, while I was still I child
I remeber a very special Christmas,
which became -
The Christmas I would never forget.

It was during the war, my mother, my sister and I were living alone, in a small humble place, which was temporary ours.

We did not have much.
We did not have anything at all.
Allt that we had was borrowed and all that we once owned, now became just a memory, a glimpse and a shadow of a life that was once ours.

I remember a little Christmas tree, with decorations made of paper in green and red, by gentle, loving hands, of a mother, that loved her little daughters. That made a sincere and loving effort, to comfort her small children, during great poverty and war.

I remember a love so bright and a beautiful smile,
that filled every corner of that dark room.
And I remember thinking - must be the light of the world....

I remember a song, that did not cease,
through the many days of darkness and war.
I cannot tell you what song it was,
beacuse it has now faded away,
with the rest of my long gone childhood memories.

But I remember it was a song of hope and it had my mother's gentle voice.
And it sang in my heart that night.
I did not understand it but I chose to believe it.

And the gift of love saved me that Christmas, long time ago, 
in a time, which is now faded, loving memories. 
But the gift of love and hope it still remains, 
in my childlike heart....

With Humble Love,
 Jasmina & Jimmy

Wishing You A Beautiful Christmas.

                                            And a small piece of beautiful opera.
It always comforts me.

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