Thursday, 2 January 2014

An Ordinary Day

Today I would like to share with you, something quite special. Something out of the ordinary, but which has by now, become a part of the ordinary, for me.

I am not sure you will find it in your heart to believe me, for I am simple and childlike at heart.
But it is okey, for I am not here to make you believe, *smiles.

I am only here to humbly touch your heart 
and leave a gentle fragrance of that,
which has so kindly touched mine.

Six months ago, something quite painful happend to me, but during those times and still today, God has shown in the most practical way, the beauty and the comfort of the psalm; 'Lord is my shepherd' .

I have almost daily and sometimes even, as much as 3 times a day, experienced small visions from a great God.
Do you wish to know what I have seen * gentle smiles ?

I see the same thing almost every day.
I love the simple comfort of repeating, *smiles.

I see Jesus and sometimes a man, whose face I can not see in a beautiful park, where all the leaves carry the color of purple. It is so quiet there and he is at peace. Resting. 
Admiring the beauty of his enviroment.
It is safe there. Everything is so safe and peacefull.  
I am safe....

Sometimes he is sitting alone but sometimes he has a small girl with him, sitting by his side. She is in pain and he knows that. She is afraid and has lost the gift of trust and he knows that too.  

Life has overwhelmed her. She knows in her heart, that she is not enough. Not strong enough. 
Not good enough.  But must she be so strong? Must she have it all figured out?

He knows everything, about the little girl, and the pain of her heart. But at those moments he is giving her very rare gifts, which are so priceless to her.

He is giving her his humble presence, and a gentle love which does not speak, not demanding anything, nothing at all, from her.  But manifesting itself very respectfuly. 
And respect is a word she treasures, deep within her heart. It is among her favourite words. 
He is quiet. Completely quiet. He does not wish to scare her away, because she is afraid and overwhelmed.

 So he sits still. Listening.  Just listening, to the pain of her heart. In other visions he is on bending knees, and he dearly wishes to hug her. But he knows of her fear. He knows she is afraid. Even of him. So afraid of demands and being good enough. So he silently waits, there, on the ground on bending knees, while she finds the safe trust to come a little closer. Just close enough for him to embrace her.

Sometimes he just comes by, while I am doing my dishes, or crocheting or some other lovely chore at our home. Always dressed in white, and his clothes are shining like a little lamp on a pail autumn day.
As to whisper to my heart : You see I shall never leave You, nor forsake You, nor shall I EVER, EVER, EVER hurt you, my child, thou I know you may not believe me......

With Love Jasmina, and my two special heroes 
Jimmy and My God.....

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