Sunday, 19 January 2014

 Majestic Beauty

Some days ago just before I fell asleep,
once again I saw Him, by the corner of our bed.
I remember thanking him in my little prayers,
with a gentle smile, and graciously telling him:

'Maybe there is hope, maybe there really is hope,
 and maybe your love will see me trough.'

And I laughed to myself, believing, with all of my heart,
in the humble words, that I had just, so quietly said.

And in that moment, He silently came, carrying a lamb on his shoulder, laughing. He was really laughing and He was so happy, for me...
For I was once again, starting, to believe, to trust.

With all that happiness inside, I couldn't sleep anymore-
but I went straight to my husband,
in the next room and told him, what had just happened.

And he smiled and believed, like he always does.
For him trusting comes so naturally.
But I just sat down and gazed at the stars -
outside our window, in its majestic, silent beauty,
and wondered and wondered to myself,
how much a Father can really love, his little girl....
And I just can not find it in my heart,
to understand it.... 

Sleep tight beautiful !
With Love Jasmina & My Hero

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