Thursday, 13 August 2015

The Sacrifice

I saw myself quietly walking into a chruch, observing, listening to the silence....
It was so comforting. Then I realized were I was and quite frightened,
 I called out loud:

'How did I get here..'
 And Jesus replied:
For I sent for thee....
"But why did you do that? I replied, very surprised."

"Because you are very, very exhausted, Child..."

Then I saw a great altar and I heared him say:
"Also for Thee, I sacrificed myself, rest Child...."  

So I laid down on that huge altar, on his precious sacrifice and I came to understand,
that I am very tired.....

While I rested He came in, and Jesus told him:
   "Now, rest together..."
And a blanket fell from the heaven and gently caressed us and death hade no power over us....
   So we rested me and my Hero.....
We rested together untill we fell asleep. ..

(This  was  also a dream)

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