Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Gentle Voice

A few days ago while I was doing the dishes, in our little home, and thinking about what to cook for dinner for my beloved husband, something quite unordinary happend and I would like to share it with you.

In the middle of my dishes *smiles
I heard a little gentle voice speaking, thou as if he stood beside me, and I could sense a little gentle bright light from that little voice, and the voice said to me:

'God loves you. And he is the Father you have been longing 
and searching for you entire life....' Wow......

And a few days after that, while I was at work,
I could hear and sense that little gentle voice again,
and this time it told me

'Do not be afraid, I am not distant...I am not angry....

And it continued the day after that day. 'He is your shield, Your fortress...

And today again in the church...'Do not be afraid, I have waited for you, come....' 

Wow.... And some people say God never speaks to us, smiles*

Wishing you a lovely evening

With Love Jasmina 

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