Monday, 18 November 2013

Our Story

Today I would like to share with you,
some photos of this weekend's fun &
an answer to a question, that I received from you.

How and where did I meet my beloved...?
    Jimmy & Noah his sister's, daughter's baby
                      at their home
      (It always sounds so complicated* smiles)

At the age of 18 during my last year in high school,
I studied economy and marketing, but I also studied Italian.

And there it all began, during the many words, spoken so beautifully in Italian, I met him.
I still remember thinking from that very first 
moment that I saw him, walking in:

'That one could perhaps be, just the one for me, 
without even slightly imagining that, 
that is exactly what he will be,
for all the days of our life.'

Sometimes when one looks closer at the many colors 
and shades of life, one will see that there, 
in between the many chapters,
and layers of our struggle

lies so many blessings to be unfold,
to be gently unwrapped,
as precious gifts of a beautiful Father.

   My pretty sister Edita, my angel, I
       love you so...! 

And so it began, the story of our life, in a small classroom,
many years ago, when he gathered the courage
and asked me out.

The girl he thought was Italian
like many before him,
with the green, blue and grey eyes,
all mixed together.
What a combination?

         Edita and a little friend Sara <3

But he said it was the eyes that caught his attention,
that they were different and beautiful.
But it was also the way I carried myself,
with grace and silence,
I guess he liked that.

I have come to know that many people do
like that about me,
but it is just the way I am.

A silent person with so much dreams of beauty 
and love within my heart.
And sometimes that is just enough, 
to catch somebodys attention* smiles

a pretty heart that loves so much,
that loves forever
that loves endlessly...

With Love Jasmina

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