Wednesday, 12 March 2014

My Little Dove

Some quiet nights ago, while I was resting in the arms of my beloved, who had gently fallen asleep, I said in my quiet heart the same prayer I say every evening;

'Dear Shepherd, I wish you good night, and thou I know, that you do not need your sleep, like I do, I still want you to know, that I hope you have a good nights rest. So good night. *smiles '

And then it happened, something so strange that I still have a hard time understanding how it could happen.
 But I know in my heart that it did.

At that moment that I said my still prayer,
that none could hear, a reply came:
                      a gentle voice said, quietly:  

             good night my little dove .... 
                                                                                             With Love Jasmina & My Hero

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