Tuesday, 3 June 2014

 I Will Take Care Of You

A soft and rainy day like this, my thoughts go out to you,
my beloved Christ. You are in my thoughts,
in my desire and in all my hopefull dreams.
How I love Thee....

Lately beloved Shepherd has surprised me with two
precious acts. May I kindly tell you about His love?
His gentleness never seems to amaze me.

The First Event

I am softly resting, my eyes are closed, and in the background I hear the sound of the train. I am headed on my long way to work. Everything is quiet and before I fell asleep, I said to Christ in my heart :

'I just feel so small God and very alone.., who will take care of me?'

And I heared a gentle but clear voice, saying, thou sitting by my side:

But I, I will take care of you, Jasmina....

And then I saw something in a vision:  the skies, but they were grey and very sad, 
thou they wanted to crie silent tears and I saw two huge hands, reaching 
down from this sadness from heaven, as if to embrace me.

And I felt deep down within my heart and soul that these hands belonged to someone, so very kind and loving, and : He wants to be your Father, that is his burning desire. And He just wants to love you so much, I just cannot explain it, because I am to small to understand it.

The Second Event

It actually happened yesterday, once again on the train.
I prayed about something, very, very much.
I guess I pray for it almost all day long *smiles.

And in my vision I received a letter from Christ and this is what it said:

'Who taught you to fly?
Who gave you your wings?
You, you cannot do this on your own,  
but I, I will do it for you, smiles ;) '

Sometimes Christ has a lot of humor and he likes to make himself funny and cute.
And He is really, really cute.

Have a beautiful day, pretty hearts!
With Everlasting Love & Smiles

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