Saturday, 1 February 2014

 The Doors of Life

These past few days, friends, have been 
quite difficult for me.
They have been quite of a challenge... !
But in the midst of my challenges,  
there have been beautiful comfort
my husbands loving arms.

In his arms I always find my refuge, 
my peace and my way back to god.  
How can a man have so much compassion, 
with my weakness? 

So much tenderness, with my brokenness? 
So much passionate love and grace, that calls upon me ?
Thou I sometimes choose not to respond. 
Not to come.

But in the midst of my hardship,
a few days ago, when I woke up,
I received the most remarkable vision 
from god, so far. Can I tell you what I saw....?

A beautiful bouquet of tulips in this colour.
And I remember feeling, that it was okey
 to let go, of all that was holding me back.

 I may anew open the doors of life.
I remember feeling so happy, and the feeling of
it is all well, came over me.

And I asked a very close friend 
and my sister of course, smiles*

'Why did god gave me flowers, that morning? Why does he care for me so?'

And they always say the same thing, because they know that I can not find it in my heart to truly understand.

'God is Love. And He loves you. He is not like Him
who did you many wrongs.
 He is like to one, whom he choosed to heal your heart with -
your broken parts.

And trough him daily demonstrate in small, gentle and humble ways,
that you can understand
and embrace, his love and his grace -
 your beloved husband.
The love of thy youth.'

With Love Jasmina & My Hero

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