Sunday, 16 March 2014

Oceans Of Longing

Today I wish to share with you a comforting dream, that I a received  from Him, last Saturday. I hope it brings you as much kindness as it brought to me....

In my dream I saw a familiar church and myself walking slowly into it, almost hesitating. It was a pretty church that my beloved and I visited, this summer in Zadar, Croatia.

The church was crowded with people. They all laughed, and smiled and talked in a loud voice with eachother, which is quite common, in The South.

And I found myself in complete silence, looking carefully around the many strange yet captivating paintings, which caught my deepest attention, untill I saw Him...

In the middle of the church I saw a bed, and roses gently spread around on it, in shifting purpur pink shades and I saw Him lying on the bed, as a statue, sleeping.

To my amazement It seemed thou nobody else could see him, except me. I do not know why.
But, what I know is that the very moment I saw Him, it was as If something happened inside of me.
I just had to, I had to, place myself down safely in his arms and rest like a dove, as I always do with my beloved Jimmy, in whom I deeply trust, will never do me any harm.

I just wanted Him, to share my silence, my complete inward silence but also my deepest longing, of being deeply cared for and protected.

So I laid myself down in his arms like a little child but yet a woman, with a heart deep as the infinite Oceans of longing, of wanting to be loved. It was so safe lying there, so completely, utterly safe,. It felt as If I could trust Him, that he would never do me any harm. I was safe and the whole wide world was in complete, breathtaking, beautiful silence.

As I laid there I began faithfully stroking the hairs on his arm. They were so soft, like feathers in the gentle wind and he smelled like a garden of pretty flowers, and he felt so warm, and then it hit me...
He was no longer a statue....Somehow when I laid there he had become real, a living and breathing, comfort.

But then fear came over my heart, with the thought of;  'Now he is in the likeness of a man, a man, ( ! ) and a man can hurt you in so many, many ways, you better go!' But - I decided not to go. My heart was pounding faster and faster and I was afraid, but I would not get up and go. I chose to stay and rest in His arms, even If I was afraid, even too afraid to now look into His eyes, but yet, I would stay...

And I stayed and I laid there quietly next to Him in a bed of sweet, shifting, purpur pink, roses, with my eyes closed, and I chose not to be afraid. I chose to believe that I could be loved and found beautiful...

With Love Jasmina


  1. Hello Jasmina,

    Just visited your blog and read through your recent posts, felt very peaceful, soothing and calming.

    There is nothing more wonderful than the peace that comes from asking God to come into our lives. May He bless you both richly :)

    At your leisure, please do visit my blog - and hope you'll find something nice to read :)

    God Bless,
    Charan :)

  2. Hi Charan, I am glad that my words can be a comfort to You. Thank you, may his gentleness and comfort also be upon your life. I will do that, thank you. Have a pretty day ! :) With Love Mina.